Best Home Security Systems

The following information has been published after reviewing dozens of home security systems companies across the nation. These are all national home security systems companies that conduct business in every state. It is best to trust a national brand when protecting your loved ones and home. They all have an excellent rated response time.

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#1 – FrontPoint Security Overview

FrontPoint Security entered the home security market within the last ten years and has made a big push for cellular home security systems. FrontPoint Security’s wireless and cellular home security system offer customers the peace of mind knowing that a burglar cannot simply cut a phone or Internet line and circumvent the system. FrontPoint Security delivers all of the latest technology including wireless security camera’s integration with smartphones and mobile devices and the ability to remotely control the home security system. FrontPoint Security is accredited with the Better Business Bureau and offers a 30-day money back guarantee on their award-winning service. We highly recommend FrontPoint Security.

  • 100% Wireless Home Security System
  • Cellular Monitoring Services
  • Accredited with the BBB
  • Remote Access and Interactive Features

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#2 – Protect America Overview

Protect America is well known in the home security industry for providing outstanding service for an affordable price. Protect America furnishes their home security customers with free upfront equipment and low monthly fees. Customers have the ability to select one of many home security equipment packages and can also select the type of monitoring they wish to have in place on their home. Protect America offers phone line, Internet and cellular monitoring services. We highly recommend the cellular monitoring services because of the safety benefits. Protect America has a high rating on the Better Business Bureau and many positive customer reviews.

  • Free Upfront Equipment
  • Low Monthly Monitoring Fees
  • High Rating on the BBB
  • Multiple Security Packages

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#3 – ADT Security Overview

ADT Security is an excellent choice for customer who would like to have their home security system professionally installed. ADT has one of the largest networks of home security professionals who are able to show you how to use the system in person and have a local presence in just about every state across America. ADT Security has two-way monitoring services available that allow you to speak to the home security monitoring agent on the other end of the line should an emergency occur. Seniors and people with disabilities can also benefit from this feature as the operation is completely hands free.

  • Free Upfront Equipment
  • Low Monthly Monitoring Fees
  • High Rating on the BBB
  • Money Back Guarantee

Best Wireless Home Security System

Advantages of wireless security systems. More and more people are moving towards wireless security solutions and security equipment too. People are used to having mobile phones in their phones, and people are generally used to wireless technology. There’s no difference with home security systems at all. More and more home security system providers are either offering wired and wireless systems or they are moving to just purely wireless systems. Here are few reasons why wireless systems may be appealing to today’s home security consumer.

They’re easy to install. More and more people are adopting DIY or do it yourself approach to things. Instead of having a technician come out to the house, they want to be able to install their sensors themselves, they want to be able to install their electronics, or setup their desk or their living room set. People build these things themselves with a how-to guide, and they figure it out, and they’re good to go.

Wireless systems are easy to install because you’re not running sensors all over the house. You don’t have to drill holes and connect into the main circuit of the house and deal with electrical stuff. A lot of times wireless security sensors could just stick in place, that they might have adhesives behind them. The fact that they’re easy to install is something that’s very appealing to home security users out there.


Wireless Home Alarm Systems

Wireless home alarm systems are expandable. Since they are easy to install it’s easy to add sensors to them because you’re not basically running wires and connecting to an existing system. These systems could expand as your needs grow. Most people’s security needs could change over time over the years. They may have more children. They may move to a bigger house. Wireless systems basically allow you to adjust to your security needs by being able to add to your system, and expand, and grow your system with you. Wireless sensors could just sink with your existing security system, making it easy, no-brainer to set up.

Wireless systems are portable. Wireless systems are easy to install, so they could be easier to uninstall. More and more people move after short periods of time these days, so they can just take the system with them when they move. It’s just as simple as that.

With the portable wireless alarm system you don’t have to worry about leaving equipment behind or paying a professional to pull hardwired equipment and wires out and worry about how you’re going to dispose of it. The portable feature of the wireless security systems is what makes them very appealing to more and more people.

Wireless home alarm systems are battery operated. Wireless systems don’t necessarily have to rely on electricity at all. They are not limited to electrical wiring. While you still have to have electricity in the house most times you don’t really have to rely on electricity at all. They could come with batteries that last at times 5 to 10 years. They’re that reliable. Batteries are getting stronger and the technology behind batteries has gotten better over the years.

A lot of people could benefit from using wireless sensors. It’s less expensive to maintain batteries than deal with maybe a short circuited system also. The fact that they’re battery operated can definitely entice new home security systems shoppers to going with a wireless home security system.

Wireless home security systems are adjustable too. Since wireless home security systems are adjustable, you can readjust the locations that you put them. In certain situations people have added a patio to their home, or extensions to their home, maybe have a shed, maybe have a detached garage now they’ve added to the home. Within the range the wireless sensors can easily be installed there and sync to your existing home system. Or you can just move sensors from one area of the house to the other and completely change the design to meet your needs. You can easily move from one part of your house to a completely different location.

Wireless systems are also very upgradable. Since they are upgradable if there is a new upgrade out there you’re able to just upgrade to the new sensor that’s out there or the new device that’s available out there. Just as simple as that. They should be able to sync to your system. With hardwired systems that connect to a particular control panel, most of the time they’re not as easily upgradable. You may have to change your whole system.

In a world where people are used to dealing with upgrades, wireless systems may just work absolutely perfectly for most people in this day and age. Those are a few benefits of using wireless home security systems.

Best Home Alarm System Equipment

Control Panel: Also known as burglar alarm control panel, Premise Control Unit (PCU) and the brain of any security systems. The control panel is basically the central point, where all the home security sensors, sirens etc. are connected either using wiring or wirelessly. Traditional home security systems where wired and the Control Panel was the all the sensors connected. The Control panel has the name states is also typically the main point of controlling or managing your security system. Typical Control panels where wall mounted in the closets or in the attic, some control panels are also integrated with the Keypad in one unit.

Keypads: Home security system needs to be controlled and managed by people or User’s since they don’t function automatically. Since security systems are a combination of devices like the Control panel, different sensors like motion, and door contacts, phone ports for connection to the monitoring center, sirens and lots of wires and connection points. The Keypad is a friendly human interface with all the machine components of a home security system. Keypads now have LCD display screens; alphanumeric buttons and easy command buttons like Arm and Disarm that help the user operate the security system.

Sirens or Bells: These are typically loud sirens, flashing lights, and bells. They are there to serve as an alerting device to let others know that a potential burglary is occurring in the premise. They also notify the residents and occupants that something is happening but are also designed to make burglars uneasy and scare them off so alarm sirens could be a deterrent. Every home security system should have a deterrent quality to it, its better to stop a burglary from happening altogether.

Motion Detectors: A motion detector also known as a Passive Infrared sensor (PIR) is a common sensor that can be found in most home security designs. Motion sensors have earned the trust home security system owners over the years because they perform a simple task; they react to the presence of people in an area in which the homeowner expects to be vacant. These sensors are designed to pick up motion in the premise, they are called Passive infrared because they don’t give up any energy but they pick up body heat when a person walks within range of them. Burglars and home intruders fear motion detectors because they may not see them and motion sensors cover a wide range. Motion sensors pick up on burglars while they are in the property and then trigger a siren or a call to the police station with a monitored security system. Other types of motion detector technology that can and have worked with home security systems include photoelectric beams, Microwave detectors and Ultrasonic detectors.

Door or Window sensors: Also known as contract sensors, magnetic alarm contacts, and door contacts. These sensors are a staple with most home security systems because they protect the point of entry. A main reason why people purchase home security systems is to keep burglars out or to get some kind of notification quickly in the event of a break-in.

Also known as contact sensors,  they are designed to protect points of entry areas like doors and windows that burglars are likely to come in through. These sensors have two parts to them and a magnetic strip that have between them, when the magnetic connection breaks, the sensor sends a signal indicating the door or window has been opened and the system waits for a disarm code, or an alarm and alarm signal is set off.

Glass break sensors: Glass break sensors are acoustic sensors that pick up on the sound of breaking glass. It is document that burglars sometimes break glass before opening windows and doors. Glass break sensors are placed within proximity to windows, and sliding glass doors inside the house so at the point that glass is broken these sensors trigger an alarm. More people should consider adding glass break sensors to their home security systems, glass break sensors are perimeter devices like door and window sensors, the appeal glass break sensors have is they could pick up on a burglar while the burglar is still outside the property. Some glassbreak sensors have a range of ~40ft radius.

Smoke and Heat sensors: Smoke and heat sensors are fire and environmental sensors that home security companies are including in many home security packages out there. Smoke and heat sensors work like smoke detectors in that they pick up on smoke particles in the air. These sensors are on at all times, some call them 24-hour zones, they protect from the risk of fire and excessive heat inside the property. Smoke and heat sensors probably do not replace smoke detectors in the home, which have to meet the local fire code requirements. Photoelectric smoke and heat sensors tend to detect fires. Look for smoke and heat sensors that calculate a rise in room temperature and also combine that with a high level of smoke particles in the air before triggering an alarm. If a smoke and heat sensor is triggered the fire department will be dispatched to the property as opposed to the police being dispatched.

Carbon Monoxide sensors: Carbon monoxide sensors are a very important part of a home security system, they pick upon high levels of dangerous gases inside the house. Carbon monoxide sensors are also 24-hour zones as they are on all the time. They can beep and also trigger the siren if there are high levels of carbon monoxide inside the property. Monitored or not monitored, it is prudent to have a carbon monoxide sensor in the house; they could be the difference between life and death as carbon monoxide sensors have been known to save lives.

Water/Flood sensor: Floods are one of the biggest risks the homeowner can face; it is both an interior and exterior threat. A broken pipe can cost your family thousands of dollars. Adding a water/flood sensor to your home security system is a smart step towards protecting your belongings. When the sensors come in contact with water they trigger an alarm.

Garage door sensors: A vulnerable part of the home is the garage; the garage door is basically a big door that gets left open more often than other doors do. The garage sensor can trigger an alarm if the garage door is opened, the sensor can also serve as a reminder for people that may drive off and leave their garage door open. Some people may disable monitoring on their garage door sensors. More and more home security system owners are including garage door sensors with their security systems.

Wireless Home Security Systems – Control Panels

Vivint Go! Control Panel: Sleek design, very unintimidating. The system has a touch screen, and an impressive 2-way voice system for homeowners who want to speak directly to the staff at the Vivints central monitoring station. The system comes with a cellular radio built in, giving users the safest form of connection to the central station. People would like Vivint Go! Control Panels very user-friendly interface. The Control Panel is also comes Z-Wave features and RF protocol for home owners who want to integrate home automation like HVAC control, lighting and power door locks.

Honeywell OMNI848 Control Panel: The Honeywell OMNI848 Control Panel is a favorite for people that want as many options with their Control Panel as possible; the system supports both wired and wireless sensors, and is capable of 48 zone or sensors. The Honeywell Control Panel is great for residences and businesses. The system includes up to 64 user codes, 128 event SmartLog, the OMNI848’s is also expandable so security system owners can double the number of zones.

GE Simon XT Home Security Panel: The Simon XT is a great wireless control panel, it holds up to 39 different zones or sensors, and can include a cellular link device built in, to give users the safest form of home security connection to the monitoring plan out there, which is cellular monitoring. The Simon XT has a blue LCD and is pretty easy to use. The keypad has the standard buttons as well as control buttons for Door and windows, Motions button for Stay and Away modes. The GE Simon XT is also Z wave compatible with opens up home automation options for thermostat controls and power door locks amongst other Z-wave features. The GE Simon XT has a 200+ word vocabulary and is considered one of the best wireless control panels in the market.

LifeShield Home Security Console: Looking for a control panel that supports a lot of sensors and LifeShield’s Home Security Console may be the way to go with its 60-sensor support capable, full speaker phone option with 2 way voice capability. Its an easy to use system with big buttons and a large LCD, a one stop panic button to signal the central monitoring station that there may be an emergency in the property, the panic button also triggers the siren in the house immediately. It is important to note that this Control Panel is proprietary to LifeShield Security.

Top Home Security Systems with Medical Alert Monitoring

The best home security service could vary based on who is using the system and how the system could be used for. You could determine how you want to use the system based on either what kind of services you need or what has brought you into the market and how you are looking for a security system at that particular time. Now people’s needs could also change and they maybe looking for something that’s maybe more reliable or a security solution that’s mainly driven by price.

There are also services like a need for fire monitoring to be included with 24-hour monitoring is an example of something that could make a particular type of security solution work for someone as opposed to maybe someone else that’s more concerned about medical alert monitoring which could be something that’s included with your burglar alarm system that could dispatch the proper authorities or the police to your home if you were to have an emergency also. Either way you go, identifying the solution that is most important to you is what’s going to make you just one step closer to finding the best home security service.


Best Medical Alert Monitoring

Now, we’re going to go over certain lifestyle or reasons that people may be interested in one home security system over another. We’re going to start with home security systems for parents. Parents are always concerned about their children’s safety. They’re concerned about their health. They’re concerned about who they have around them. Parents that may be getting a home security are definitely also concerned about burglaries but on a day-to-day basis they maybe concerned about maybe things in the house like fire alarms. They maybe concerned about smoke and heat sensors in the home. These are things that maybe higher risk than burglaries in certain situations or they may just be more interested in making sure that all these things are included.

Now, from a monitoring standpoint, parents would also want to insure that maybe they have some visibility into the home using security cameras, especially for parents that work and may have a nanny in the house or may have children that come home from school by themselves. With solutions like ADT Polls for example, you can look through the lens of the camera and get live streaming video. You are also able to get an alert, a text alert or an email letting you know when family members arrive and leave the property. It definitely gives parents the kind of insight that they are looking for. It should give them a good amount of piece of mind also.

Parents might also be interested in other features that would basically help them, maybe a smart phone app that they can give to their children. A lot of children use smart phones now. The children might use the alarm just that more if they had a very convenient way of arming and disarming it.

In summary, parents would really be looking for environmental sensors to ensure that they have smoke detectors in the house to keep their children place. They’re also interested in ensuring that they have access to the home and they have real-time alerts and notifications, and then maybe being able to view the house from a video camera is maybe a great solution for parent too. With parents’ needs on top of your typical burglary protection, the things mentioned earlier would go a long way to ensuring that parents have the right amount of piece of mind for their children.

The best security system for the elderly. Just like all the groups may have all the uses for home security systems, the elderly also need 24-hour monitoring from burglary. Nobody wants to be burglarized and nobody wants their hard-earned money or earnings taken from them by a burglar either. The great thing about security solutions is you’re able to incorporate other services to fit who is using it and ultimate creating the best home security system for their needs.

For the elderly, they may need some kind of support. Some of them may be looking for increase independence. Younger people might not use medical alert systems as much because they’re healthier. As people get older it’s definitely something that they consider.

Now, our seniors or the elderly are able to maintain their independence, be able to not only call for help but have pendants or bracelets that they can wear in case they fall or they have a medical emergency. At that point when they trigger the security system, dispatching the authorities quickly to the home, the medical team to their aid or have someone talk to them through to a voice or intercom system is maybe exactly what they’re looking for.

We can’t overlook that for seniors, even though they are very interested in burglary protection, having an security system that incorporates medical alerts make all the difference for them also.

View the Best Home Security Systems by City

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12 responses on Best Home Security Systems

  1. Finding a new company that is willing to take over my existing home security system has not been an easy task. As a matter of fact all the home security companies listed here are recommending new equipment to increase their equipment sales it seems. I’m happy with my current security equipment that costs me an arm and a leg to install, but I am not happy with my current security company that provides the monitoring. I’m looking for keep my DSC security equipment, but need a new monitoring company. Must be 24 hour monitoring, with fire service included. Any tips on such companies that can do this will be appreciated.

  2. Im just looking for the best home security system deal out out there. Some of the companies offer security systems for free, and I know this because someone knocked on my door and offered me a free home security system. I dont understand why the companies listed here are charging so much for home security equipment. I get the charge for a monitoring plan, but why pay for equipment when you’re going to be locked into a contract for an extended amount of time, maybe 3 years or more. What would help me would be a chart of all the equipment prices the different security companies offer, then I can decide from there.

  3. Reading through home alarm companies reviews is one of the most important things you need to do before you purchase a home alarm or security system. Choosing the right contractor can mean the difference between keeping yourself and your loved ones safe and wasting your hard-earned money on a faulty system that will only provide a false sense of security. Read through this article to know what information you should keep an eye out for when reading home alarm companies reviews.

    Source – Before anything else, take note of who wrote the review you’re reading and where you found it. A rule that a lot of consumers follow involves not relying on feedback posted on a company’s website. Some businesses post fake positive reviews on their site to boost their credibility and attract more customers. And while there may be ones written by real clients, there’s a good chance that the company controls which reviews are shown – and more often than not, negative ones are edited out. Having said all these, it’s better to search for and consider home alarm companies reviews found in personal blogs and online forums as these are more likely to be genuine. You can also look for feedback from credible review sites.

    Cost – A security system isn’t cheap, and you can easily find yourself spending thousands if you go all out. To get your money’s worth and take advantage of the best deals, make sure that you take note of cost when reading home alarm companies reviews. There are two things you need to look into here. First, find out how much the equipment you intend to use are.

    If you don’t have a brand in mind, you might want to do some research first on the most trusted and reliable names in the market. And second, take note of the cost of service of every company or contractor you’re considering hiring. This includes the cost of installation and the regular payments you’d have to make for monitoring services. Also, it would be better if the price for other services offered by each company is covered. All these data will help you make a wise decision as to where to take your business depending on your needs and your budget.

    Customer Service – A company may have top of the line equipment and it may be the best choice for you location-wise, but if it doesn’t have commendable customer service, you’d be better off choosing another contractor to take care of your home security needs. When going through home alarm companies reviews, pay attention to what the reviewer says regarding customer support. This includes, among other things: the attitude of the company and its employees towards their clients, the length of time it takes for a problem to be resolved, how issues are addressed by the company, and whether or not they go out of their way to provide quality service to clients. On a related note, before you hire any company, make sure that it has a dedicated customer support arm that you can contact any time.

  4. I need a home security system for to keep my crazy teenagers in the house, yes they are girls but they are out of control. I need a system with a lot of sensors because I want something that would go on all my doors and window. I’m noticing that some of the security system packages here do not include enough sensors at all. I saw some so called home security deals with only two door sensors and a emotion sensor included. After counting i know that i have 4 doors and 12 window sensors on my main level alone. I dont think I need the monitoring because this is just to keep my daughters in the house, nothing more. So I need a home security company that offers equipment packages for homes with many doors and windows.

  5. Guardian Security systems is working with the builder of my home but I dont know if i want to use them. I will agree that when you’re building a house it makes sense to use the builders company because its just more streamlined. I just dont know much about Guardian as a home security company, they are not even reviewed on this site. I feel like home builders should stay let customers pick their own home security company or at least offer them a few options so they can pick from multiple security companies.

  6. The best home alarm system is one the one that the user can trust. Which means it should be cellular in my opinion. Cellular home security systems do not have lines that burglars can cut or disable. It makes no sense to buy a security system if the burglars can cut and defeat the system before getting into the house. WHy do people pay good money for home security systems that may not work?
    Whether you go with a wireless system or a hard wired one could be a thing of preference the more important thing is if the the monitoring station and the quality of monitoring you would receive isn’t the best available, then you could have the best home security equipment and it will do you no good. The best home alarm system will have cellular monitoring and be backed by the top tier central monitoring station with 24 hour monitoring.

  7. All these DIY alarm systems here require a contract. I dont want a system that I have to pay for every month, I need good alarm equipment for my house with a very loud alarm, if anyone tries to break into my house I will shoot them myself when I hear the alarm go off. I have no problems shooting burglars and its legal in Texas if they come on your property. With that paying for monitoring doesnt work for me, I just need a DIY alarm system with a very loud siren.

  8. A Complete Guide in Safeguarding your Home with Wireless Security System
    Crime rate is increasing significantly all over the country and finding the top security system to protect your home and family is very important. Many burglaries occur every year, millions of dollars are loss, and potential harm to personal safety is always imminent. Dead bolts and exterior lighting can assist to lessen the probability of your family being victimized but sad to say that skilled burglars can usually unlock all bolts and locks in less than a minute. Consequently, most authorities suggest in investing on a top security system to safeguard your home.
    Home security system can help safeguard your home
    Burglaries, fires, and home invasions are possibly bound to happen as much you hate to think about it. A top security system can help shield and protect your home and family from such situations although looking for the excellent system requires time, effort, and research. In the event of these kinds of situations, a home security system can provide you and your family that feeling of being safe, secure and can even save your life.
    To help protect your home from threats and dangers, acquire a wireless home security system that includes personal security device, smoke detector, siren, flood protection device, heat and motion sensors, and 24-hour monitoring services. Make sure that the home security system you choose has internet monitoring, upgradable options, and top-notch client service and support system.
    How a top security system can do more than just safeguard your house
    Due to hi-tech innovation, a security system can do more than just prevent theft and home invasion. Actually, several security systems can check your kids’ location, control your home temperature, and even permit the babysitter or housekeeper to come inside the house when you are away. This can be done through security automation such as door and window sensors, lighting, and door lock control and motion sensors.

    Other benefits of a top security system are:
    1. The security system installed in your house can help save on electricity by the use of sensors installed all over the house. These sensors can detect when the house is empty and turn off the lights, heaters and air conditioning left running.
    2. Security system can help save on home insurance. A home with equipped with a state-of -the-art security system can receive up to 20 percent discount on insurance.
    3. It can prevent water damage or fire specially if a your security system has flood or smoke sensor warning alarm to inform you when there’s sudden water flow or gas leak.
    4. It can permit you to bolt and unbolt the door remotely with the use of your smartphone, laptop or tablet.

    How to choose a top security system that can safeguard your home and family
    When securing your home and family’s safety, you should be careful in choosing the right security system. It does not have to be the most expensive but it should be able to give the kind of protection your household needs. Read reviews of each products you choose and exert effort to study the specifications of these products. Do yourself a favor and pick the top security system that is the best value for your money and would work best to protect you, your family and your home.

  9. I rent and need a home security system, unfortunately a lot of the home security companies I’ve talked to think renters dont deserve to be their customers. i pay all my bills and renting is a choice, not something i have to do. I’m looking for a home security company that wants my business as a renter. I have good credit but the fact that I’m a renter doesn’t mean they get to rip me off.

  10. Discussions and reviews about having the best wireless home security system are quite helpful for curious potential buyers as well as for those unsatisfied ones who are planning to switch brands. They give insights and feedbacks regarding the various safety and protection services in the business.

    However, most of the time, people tend to be affected by what others have to say regarding security systems that their vision gets clouded and totally forget the real deal that they should be aware of in purchasing the best wireless home security system available. Listed below are Fictions and Facts with regards to acquiring them.

    Fiction: People don’t need to purchase security services when they live in peaceful and crime free areas
    Fact: They still need to purchase one if they have the dough.

    Security services don’t just offer devices that prevent crime and keep them safe from unwanted strangers lurking in their residence. People tend to forget that security services also offer protection and safety from natural events and accidents. Smoke/heat sensors, water/flood detectors and thermostats don’t deal with criminals but they help keep families all over world safe.

    Fiction: After purchasing and installing the best wireless home security system in the market, people can leave the various security devices do what they’re supposed to.
    Fact: Safety and security don’t end there. People should do their part too.

    Though security equipment can do well on their own, owners should do their part in regularly checking up and maintaining these devices. Making sure that these tools are working efficiently and that they are in their optimal settings and positions would certainly help in keeping their homes safe.

    Fiction: Acquiring the best wireless home security system will totally eliminate all accidents and crimes in people’s houses.
    Fact: It only dramatically lowers accidents and possible crime rate.

    No matter how effective these systems can be, there will always be an outside factor that can never be determined that might do our family harm. These defense mechanisms can only lower their chances to affect families, which is definitely of great help.

    Fiction: People who have extra money should just purchase the most expensive and popular security service.
    Fact: People should identify what service suits all their needs.

    A person’s family and house differ from others’ in terms of size, traits, location and other stuff. He should be able to find a service that would be a perfect match for all of those factors.

    Fiction: Families and households should learn to adjust to the security programs installed.
    Fact: Families should adjust these security systems with regards to how they live and what makes them comfortable and safe.

    People should remember that they purchased these products and services to make their lives easier and more comfortable and these products are made to serve them and give them home security. As stated earlier, regular maintenance and configuration should be necessary, but changing lifestyles because of the newly installed systems is a no, for they should be purchased to compliment the owner’s way of living.

    Fiction: The best wireless home security system is only for rich people.
    Fact: It is for those who can afford to purchase one.

    Home security systems are not a form of luxury or excess stuff. They protect people’s lives. People should never take for granted the safety and protection that they give. The comfort and peace of mind that they bring is definitely priceless.

  11. It is disheartening to know that most communities nowadays are not entirely secured. There are vicious criminals and thieves lurking around, waiting for their chance to pounce on their victims. In the past, having this technology installed in a home appears to be a luxury. Now, it is seen at a different angle. In times like this, having a top security system is a necessity.
    Home is where everyone is supposed to feel safe. To have peace of mind, installation of a top security system is recommended. This is to protect not only your family but also your properties. Different security systems are available. Various types are designed to detect fires, carbon monoxide, floods, and break-ins. Also, it is also useful for alerts during medical emergencies.
    A top security system can either be installed by homeowners or by professionals. These are the DIY security systems that most companies offer. On the other hand, there are security systems which would require the service of a professional to be installed properly.
    After the installation, the system alerts the security company when one of the sensors is triggered. Then, the security company will call the owner of the house for verification. When an emergency is confirmed, the security company will call the police, paramedics, or fire department, depending on the situation. However, if the homeowner doesn’t respond to their call, the company will automatically send out the police to ensure the homeowner’s safety.
    To improve the protection of your family and properties, a surveillance camera may be added as well. There are some cameras which can record everything inside the house. This ensures that the criminals get recognized to be prosecuted at the court. This is very useful when there are hired unsupervised people going in and out of the house. These are maids, housecleaners, or babysitters.
    For those who are not comfortable with receiving calls from home security companies every now and then, there are available Do-it-yourself (DIY) home security systems. This includes indoor/outdoor cameras, motion detectors, wireless sensors, and hardware locks upgrade. There are even motion detectors which can detect any movement and body heat 40 meters away from home. Aside from that, these detectors can pick up the presence of smoke and heat. For pet owners, there are available motion detectors which cannot detect the small animals.
    The cost of installing a top security system is definitely affordable. There are various inexpensive products that are available. Also, a lot of research will definitely give an insight on how this technology works and how much it costs. For those who would like to avail the services of a security company, there is a monthly fee for the 24/7 monitoring that they will be providing. There are different offers made by those companies such as getting discounts.
    Obtaining a top security system does not only mean protection, it can also potentially save lives. With the 24/7 security that it provides, it leads every home owner and family to enjoy their lives free of worries from the harm that could be caused by intruders. Remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

  12. Before getting a home security system, you should first read home security companies reviews. You may think that reading reviews will not help you out, but in reality, it’s actually a good thing because it will help you decide about which products you should use, and which ones you should not give your time of day to.
    What are the benefits of reading reviews?
    There are so many things that reading home security companies reviews can do for you. Just like reading reviews of books or movies, home security companies reviews will help you out in getting to know more about a product/company and in getting to know if you should try those products/companies. Here are some of the other benefits of reading reviews:
    • You’d know what’s hot in the market, or what people are talking about.
    • You’d know which products and companies are reliable or not. Recently, these three companies have received rave reviews from customers and critics alike:
    o Front Point Security
    o Protect America
    o ADT Home Security
    • You’d know about what are the things that you should take note of when deciding about whether to buy a product or not. Some of the things that you have to know when buying home alarm system include:
    o If you can install it by yourself, or if you need the help of professionals to do it
    o If the security product comes with a cellular monitoring system
    o How long the company has been in the industry
    o If the product is not very fragile, or if it has a crash or smash protection system
    o If it’s meant only as a protection against burglars, or if you can use it as a protection against fire and CO2 emissions, as well
    o You’d also know if the company offers money back guarantees
    You see, by keeping yourself informed through these home security companies reviews, you won’t feel like you have no ideas what products are good and which are not. You’d also get to understand more about the alarm systems that have been emerging in the market. By knowing this, you would not get left behind and you’ll also be able to help others in choosing home alarm systems for their own houses, as well.
    What to keep track of
    As you read those home security companies reviews, here are the other things that you have to take note of:
    • If a company/product is getting good reviews and if the people who have reviewed the book are talking about specific details such as what it has done for them or how to install, then you can rely on the review.
    • If the review is very general, or is something that goes like “It’s very good” and that’s all it says, then you can’t really rely on it.
    • It’s also good to read negative reviews because it will help you understand the pros and cons of using the product.
    You and your house should be safe at all time. Take some time to read home security companies reviews now and see how much it’ll help.

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